Nutrition and hydration week

With Nutrition and Hydration week around the corner (12-18 March 2018), The Wellness Movement are offering a series of breakfast, lunchtime and afternoon workshops to celebrate.

You can choose from our experienced team of nutritionists, who can help you to promote the benefits of good nutrition and hydration within your organisation.

We provide post session healthy e-recipe guides for all attendees.

You can choose from the following topics:

  1. Eat Your Way To A High Energy Work Day  
  2. Digestion/Gut Health
  3. Hormonal Health
  4. Weight Management
  5. Cardiovascular Health
  6. Debunking Nutritional Myths
  7. Immunity                
  8. 'Boost Your Brain - Sharpen Your Mind, Memory And Mood'
  9. Hydration
  10. Bespoke Topics

Our workshops start from £700 and we cater for small intimate groups and larger audiences.

All our workshops have an element of interactivity with the audience.

Fill out the form below to make an enquiry and we shall get back to you to soon:

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