The thing about meditation is: you become more and more you.
— David Lynch


Holiday Phillips

Holiday trained with the renowned School of Yoga and is the founder of Breathe and Stop - simple, but effective meditation training for busy lives and minds.

As a former company director, she understands first hand how the stress of daily work and personal life can get on top of you.

It is Holiday's mission to help organisations and their staff reduce the amount of stress in the workplace and help you to regroup and refocus through simple and effective meditation techniques.


Megan grace-hughes

Megan is another of our meditation teachers, she specialises in a Mindolistic Therapy, which is something she developed herself.

Mindolistic is an integrative therapy, using a mix of hypnotherapy, talking therapies (psychotherapy), Mindfulness and guided meditation to help people steer the path to achieving their goals.

Megan is evangelical about self-compassion, passionate about helping people quieten their inner critic and loves taking people on a 'mind holiday' from their everyday stresses and strains.



simon heale

Simon is qualified to carry out the 8 week MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) course.

This course is an opportunity to discover the simplicity and strength of being with your thoughts, feelings and sensations in a way that is more helpful and flexible than we may be experiencing in our lives right now. If you find that you are being overwhelmed by pressures: whether internal or external, and that these pressures are affecting your day to day living, preventing you from living a life of fulfillment, then mindfulness could be of great benefit to you.

Simon can also develop bespoke themed sessions based on topics that are of particular interest to your workforce.   

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Practice mindfulness to ease your mind and feel free, be present in the moment and practice being calm and at ease with oneself.
— Sha Hussain, The Wellness Movement