Our unique art workshops will unlock the creative potential in your employees and help your organisation reach it’s goals.

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martin morris

Martin comes from a fine art and animation background, receiving his MA from the Royal College of Art, where he was awarded several prestigious drawing awards.

He currently teaches at the RCA, The National Film and Television School and Kingston University as well as holding workshops for corporate organisations.

His workshops are unique, eye opening and a wholly original experience centered on drawing that bridges the gap between art practice and the needs of the business community. Martin's classes have been developed over several years at the highest levels of art education and practice, coming from a background that includes art, history, fine art, graphic art and film.


kyla mccallum

Kyla is the founder of Foldability, a creative studio in East London that does set design, installations and bespoke products inspired by origami and geometry.

Kyla has worked with many leading brands and has also been featured in The Sunday Times Style, FT Weekend, The Guardian, FX Magazine, BBC Scotland and Elle Decoration.

She offers corporate origami classes for all levels and ensures everyone comes away completely satisfied with their creativity.


Practicing origami actives your whole brain, it also helps develop hand eye co-ordination, sequencing skills, attention skills, patience, temporal spatial skills and math reasoning.