Since the invention of smart phones in 2007, the average attention span of a human has dropped from 12 seconds to 8, that’s less than that of a goldfish (9 seconds).
— Microsoft, 2015

shine offline

The world has undergone an unbelievable transformation in the past 10 years thanks to mobile technology. The flexibility and liberation it has given us in our work and personal lives is amazing. Sometimes however it is tricky to ensure our smartphones and other devices play a positive role and many people are feeling like they need some help to readdress the balance and ensure their tech enhances their lives rather than overwhelms them.

The Wellness Movement have teamed up with Shine Offline to empower people with the insight and skills to manage the role their smartphones and other digital technology plays. Getting a handle on your mobile tech in today’s 24/7 connected world improves wellbeing, creativity, productivity, focus and relationships and helps to make sure you can be your best self at work and at home.

Time to Shine Offline - 60/75 Minute Session

This fun and interactive workshop presents an accessible and light-hearted look at the constantly connected world we live in, how this has come about, why it matters and how we can take back control. Participants are invited to turn off their phones and consider the diverse role that mobile technology plays, the effect that it is having on them professionally and personally and learn strategies to improve the relationship with their mobile devices. The session includes aftercare and a short survey distributed a month later to ascertain the positive impact the learning has had on participants’ wellbeing, work life balance, productivity and relationships.

Classes can be catered for 20-50 and 50-100 participants at your place of work.


“I couldn’t recommend the workshop enough. It was incredibly helpful for our staff, considering a large part of what we do is digital heavy, and was informative, interactive and fun!”

Georgia Johnson, Office Manager, Lonely Planet

41% of respondents to a recent survey who were in a relationship, think their partners used their phone too much.
— Deloitte, May | June 2017