Complimentary Mental Health Consultation

The Wellness Movement has teamed up with Harley Therapy, London’s leading therapy clinic to bring you a revolutionary new service - we are talking about the future of mental health preventative care in the workplace in the form of Annual Mental Health MOT’s for your workforce.

Here are the 5 steps to the Annual Mental Health MOT’s:

1. Booking a session

An employee books the 50 minute session on - via video calling at a time convenient to the employee.

On site sessions could be provided at the employer’s premises during a fixed period of the year for staff to book sessions if they prefer to meet face to face. This would incur an additional fee.

2. Short Assessment

Employee fills in a short assessment (PHQ4) and provides any info about their aims or goals for the year ahead.

If they have high Anxiety and/or Depression scores when answering the PHQ4 questions, they will be asked to complete a more in-depth GAD7/PHQ9 questionnaire at the same time.

All information provided is completely confidential.

3. Session

Employee attends a 50 minute session with a qualified therapist. A clinical assessment is made about whether therapy is likely be of benefit in helping them to achieve their goals.

4. Individual Report

Post the session the employee is given a confidential Mental Health MOT report. This is a simple structured report indicating the assessment outcome and a simple summary from the therapist.

If therapy is recommended for the individual, a list of suitable therapists for the employee to consider establishing a relationship with is included, alternatively they would be signposted to your existing provider.

5. Organisation Report

The organisation funding the Mental Health MOT will be provided with anonymised statistics of the mental health of their organisation based on assessment responses received.

PHQ4 / GAD7 / PHQ9 aggregated responses, take up rates, referrals etc.

Benefits to Employer:

- Reduced absenteeism / presenteeism.
- Increased productivity.
- Improved staff retention (cost of replacing one employee is GBP 30k).
- Preventative strategies are best at improving mental health with the highest ROI (9:1) of any intervention.
- Suicide risk reduction.
- Improved talent acquisition.
- Improved PR profile as wellbeing trailblazers.

Benefits to employee:

- Ongoing individual support from a choice of dedicated practitioners.
- Flexible and easy booking process.
- Increased emotional wellbeing and resilience.
- Empowerment to open up emotionally, reducing stigma, pressure and stress.
- Happier both at work and at home.

Get in touch below for further information and your complimentary consultation with us to see how our service could benefit your organisation.


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